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Awesome Science Ep12 "Explore Mesa Verda/Chaco Ruins" DVD

Awesome Science Ep12 "Explore Mesa Verda/Chaco Ruins" DVD

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Noah explores Mesa Verde, the Aztec Ruins, and Chaco Ruins, where over a thousand years ago early American’s built residences and cities among the cliffs and canyons.  He’ll investigate man’s origins from a secular and biblical worldview, showing how the weight of evidence points to our beginning just a few thousand years ago, as the bible infers.  He’ll explore how events at the Tower of Babel spread out man across the landscape because of God’s judgment, yet, how this dispersion created most of the people groups we see today.  He’ll show how naturalists just don’t have solid answers for the origin of language.  And finally, he’ll show how the theory of evolution has only brought division and destruction to man, while the biblical worldview brings meaning and life.

Format: DVD
Length: 48 Minutes
Ages: 8-18
Published: 2015

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